As the managing director of Tijule Company Limited I can proudly say that it has been an honor to work with Quality Circle International team.My team and I have been significantly enriched by the wealth of knowledge that has been shared with us through comprehensive presentations and training sessions.This enabled us to identify the aspect of our operations which were deficient and to plan, implement and execute the corrections necessary to satisfy the requirement of Food Safety System Certification (FSSC).

It was under the expert guidance of the Quality Circle International Limited, that Tijule Company Limited was able to successfully complete the stage II certification audit in November 2016.This resulted in the award of the internationally recognized FSSC 22000 certification in January 2017; a significant achievement for our organization.

Quality Circle International Limited has demonstrated that it possesses the expertise and knowledge to assist companies in their quest to attain certification.It is with this knowledge and from our own personal experience that we can confidently recommend them as consultants to any one in food industry.

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Managing Director
15th February, 2018

Pickapeppa Company Limited Manufacturer of premium quality sauce product were extremely pleased to have engaged the Quality Circle International Team to guide us through FSSC 2000 certification.In what was a very condensed programme, lasting just 7 months,your team quickly helped us to analyze the status of our process and factory and to develop an action plan that lead to a successful final audit in December 2017.

Without doubt,Your excellent personal leadership skills,technical knowledge of the certification requirements backed by solid formal qualifications were key to the outcome of our programme and the timely and cost effective achievement of our objectives.

It has been pleasure to work with you personally. You are a consummate professional and the excellent relationships that you established throughout our company made a challenging task proceed very smoothly.

Thank you again for your help and we look forward to continuing our relationship as we move toward FSMA certification.

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THe Pickapeppa Co. Ltd.
22nd February, 2018